The Long Journey

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My second novel is the longest and best-selling in the Deveran Conflict Series. This epic story begins with Garrick and Brenna, as they head to Marvic, Tamaria’s capital city, where he is scheduled to begin officer’s training.

The demands are tough and he struggles to keep up.

Garrick helps Brenna climb the stairs at Traitor’s Pass, the highest-elevation, continually occupied settlement in Tamaria.

Brenna, separated from her boyfriend and still unfamiliar with the local language, wrestles with listless loneliness and feels spiritually adrift. She needs to find purpose, but also learns that her family, who have moved to Kameron, are now under threat in the civil conflict raging through that country.

When Brenna sees Garrick’s brother under threat by an armed thug, she intervenes.

We meet Algernon, Garrick’s younger brother, for the first time as he faces a crucial crossroads in his life. After learning that his twin sister, Kira, has run away from the Sacred Temple Elsbireth, he has to choose between loyalty to the Temple and his family.

Astrid, Kira’s lover, tells Algernon that Kira has run away with a Kamerese drug dealer.

Faced with the prospect of losing Kira, Algernon and Astrid undertake the perilous journey into war-torn Kameron to find her.

Feeding another person is an act of humility and grace in Tamarian society. Astrid is not the woman Algernon initially believed her to be.

As Garrick trains for an undisclosed mission, his natural leadership ability and familiarity with combat serves him well. Imminent deployment adds urgency to his learning.

Once the soldiers under his command learn of his uncanny combat instincts, the men willingly follow this young officer candidate into battle.

Brenna rejoins the military, serving as a medic and a liaison with her family in Kameron.

With the ability to heal wounds with a kiss, Brenna becomes an invaluable member of Third Platoon.

Algernon’s search for Kira leads him into encounters with some very unsavory people.

But Algernon isn’t afraid of ANYONE.
Chale, the slave trader, had lashed Kira’s feet so she couldn’t run away.
Loss is the sad reality of combat.
Kira, weak from opium addiction and fighting infection, hangs onto life by a thread.
Sometimes, the truth hurts . . .

Saying goodbye is never easy, once the journey is over.

Farewell to Jawara, faithful friend and protector.
Brenna and Garrick bid his siblings a safe journey.
Goodbye, love!

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  1. I have read several excellent articles here. This sounds like a series worth reading. Justin Knox Culosio


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