The Edge of Justice (Book I)


Dathan Herulus, a conscientious officer serving in the Azgaril’s Northern Liberation Army, believes that his nation is emancipating barbaric races from their ignorance and superstitions. But as the Northern Liberation Campaign grinds northward, he is faced with situations that force him to choose between following orders, and obeying the dictates of his personal, moral code. Can Dathan survive if he refuses to do as he’s told?

Brenna Velez, a Lithian warlord’s daughter, flees the destruction of her homeland and leaves her beloved family behind. Relying on faith in God, she travels northward, all alone. Will Brenna fall victim to the Azgaril’s genocide, or can she find a new home in Tamaria?

Garrick Ravenwood, a young Tamarian soldier, experiences combat for the first time. With courage, youthful strength and stamina, he takes a stand to defend his country against the invading force. But will his new love for Brenna endure when she discovers the dark secrets of his past? Can the tiny nation of Tamaria turn back the overwhelming tide of the Azgaril’s Northern Liberation Army?

Read about Dathan, Brenna and Garrick as their lives collide on The Edge of Justice.


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