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Dreams and Missions (E book version)

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Algernon Ravenwood wanted to get as far away from Cynthia Velez as possible. She was too lovely for him to resist, too compelling for him to turn away. Algernon knew that even if he never set eyes on her again, she’d live in his dreams and haunt his waking hours. As it was, he’d been dreaming of her every night . . . .

Against his wishes, a strange set of circumstances arises to test Algernon’s mettle. Will he deny his desire and remain faithful to Bronwyn, his girl back home? Can he overcome personal doubt and the sneering contempt of those who deny his calling to the priesthood? If so, how can the Great God use a man who’d failed an important spiritual test?

Kira, Algernon’s twin sister, has to face strong opposition to her charitable work without the formidable assistance of her brothers. Ruthlessly attacked by the Temple leadership, Kira struggles to restore her damaged reputation. Her advocacy for women who work in the sex trade industry is threatened by evaporating financial support and social trouble at home. Can she triumph over those who cast aspersions on her dream of public service?

Lieutenant Garrick Ravenwood, the twins’ older brother, is suddenly called off to the Saradon Plateau. His unit faces a fierce and highly mobile enemy who refuses to fight on fair terms. Garrick has faced death before, but now he risks leaving his young bride as a widow for the rest of her days. Now he faces an enemy whose actions hack at the roots of everything he considers noble about the profession of soldiering. Will Garrick prevail on the battlefield? Will he win the war for his soul?

Brenna Velez, Garrick’s newlywed bride, experiences the powerful change that Lithians call Y Newen, the bride’s desire. She longs for her husband, but his departure leaves her feeling empty and alone. In her new role as the palace music teacher, old conflicts over her youthful beauty and ethnicity arise. Can she motivate her reluctant students? Can she overcome the prejudice of their parents? Moreover, can Brenna survive and feel content without her beloved Garrick?

Explore the Dreams and Missions that make this novel exceptional.

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