Ceremonies and Celebrations (Paperback)

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Deveran Conflict Series Book IV
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In the aftermath of the Kamerese Civil War, Cassie Velez and her

affianced boyfriend, Jared Hohner, live as uneasy guests of King Alejo

at his palace in Kameron City. Food shortages and a vitriolic press stir

the passions of the Kamerese people, resulting in rioting and violence.

Can Jared persuade the king to enact positive change and prevent

another crisis? Will Cassie successfully navigate the dangerous

minefield of social interaction with tempestuous Queen Ariadna and her

guest, Hermenia Vega, the heiress of the feared rebel warlord, El

Caudillo?Meanwhile, Kira and Algernon Ravenwood begin their

long-anticipated public service among young women in the Tamarian

capital of Marvic. Facing much uncertainty, outright hostility from the

girls they’re trying to help and the men who exploit them, the twin

siblings must work in close harmony in order to succeed. But threats

from an assassin’s guild and relational discord threaten to unravel

Kira’s aspirations, while Algernon struggles to affirm the authenticity

of his ministerial calling.Garrick, their older brother, commands Third

Platoon Alpha Company in garrison. Haunted by nightmares and dealing

with post-traumatic stress, Garrick must maintain high standards of

performance among the weary and bickering members of his platoon. With a

new commander raising expectations, can the young lieutenant cope with

peacetime responsibilities? Or will fatigue and the forbidden affection

of Brenna Velez, his soon-to-be-bride, derail Garrick’s career?Brenna’s

faith, crippled by guilt, is put to a supreme test as evil spirits

torment her consciousness. Is she involved in a genuine spiritual

battle, or is she going crazy? Will her struggle ruin her relationship

with Garrick and wreck their wedding plans? Or, can Brenna learn to

accept grace, forgive the people who mistreated her and marry the man

she loves?All is revealed in Ceremonies and Celebrations, Book Four of

the Deveran Conflict Series.

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