Secrets and Whispers (Book VII)


Bronwyn faces a terrible choice. With her long-anticipated wedding only days away, she can defy her mother’s counsel and marry Algernon – a young priest with a questionable reputation – or call off the ceremony. Facing opposition from her loved ones and risking the alienation of friends who have long supported her, Bronwyn struggles to resolve conflicts and restore broken relationships.

Yet beneath the veneer of her family’s strident disapproval lurks a hidden, sinister motive. Can Bronwyn and her friends uncover the truth and restore the bonds of love among her parents and siblings?

Meanwhile, a terrorist group attacks the Tamarian palace gate, leading to tightened security and an investigation that raises more questions than answers. Will malevolent foreign forces compel weary Tamaria back to war? Or will careful, clever analysis and personal connections in high places head off another conflict? The futures of a bride and a nation hinge on revealing secrets and stopping wicked whispers.

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