Review of Blood on the Warpath

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Robert Luis Rabello’s latest book, Blood on the Warpath, is a roller coaster ride of plot twists and non-stop action. The author’s fertile imagination conjures a foreign world where clothing responds to the will of the wearer, two moons illuminate the night sky and wounds are wondrously healed by a kiss. It is also a world that is eerily reminiscent of our own, with nationalistic power grabs and rampant racism.

When Garrick and Brenna accept an invitation to a music competition in a romantic, Nordan seaside resort they unsuspectingly walk into a carefully laid trap. Supplied only by the meager contents of their bug-out bags and weapons captured from enemy soldiers, the young lovers flee by land and sea searching for safety. Their task is hampered by Garrick’ struggle with PTSD and the arrival of Brenna’s fertile season. When the young lovers take responsibility for three recently orphaned children their chances of survival seem dim.

However, our heroes are not without skills. Garrick is a battle proven veteran, calm and competent in the most distressing situations.  Brenna’s unique Lithian physiology gifts her with stamina and the ability to see on the darkest of nights. She also has an abiding, deep trust in the love of Allfather; a relationship that imparts miraculous healing powers, fortifies and guides her when danger threatens.

Blood on the Warpath pushed all the right buttons for me. On one level it is a rollicking adventure yarn with the power of a rocket grenade exploding in the next room. On another level it is a political thriller where behind the scenes, evil puppet masters, manipulate strings, creating chaos for the average person. Lastly, it is a compelling love story. There is something larger than life about Brenna and Garrick and when you turn the last page, you will be left wanting more.

Don Magill, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada


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