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A wise person once told me, “Don’t depend on public forums. Your website is the only place where you have total control.”

This has been proven true again. Instagram, which has been a frustration for some time now, closed my account for “violating community standards.” I have no idea what standards I’ve violated, as what I’d posted there was pretty mild compared to what I’ve seen other people posting. I’m tired of trying to build an audience in places that put barriers to success in my way.

So, I’m posting my renders here from this point forward. Book links are in the description of each image. If you want a paperback, please contact me directly for pricing, as shipping depends on where you live.

Garrick leads Third Platoon in their ill-fated deployment against Tanarak on the Saradon. (Dreams and Missions)
Astrid, having stayed at Kira’s side continuously for days, falls asleep with Solace in the hospital waiting area. Garrick and Brenna don’t have the heart to awaken her. (The Inquest)
Garrick threatens a Kamerese slave broker who’d once sold his little sister to anyone who wanted sex with a pretty, platinum-haired girl. (Crisis)
Brenna pours a drink for Astrid, after the priestess outlined the intensive questioning from the Royal Inquisitors. (The Inquest)
Brenna made it very clear to Garrick that she had no intention of going anywhere near that thing. “It’s a floating bomb!” she complained. (Crisis)
Kira desperately reaches for Brenna after the Lithian woman slipped on the slick platform and nearly fell beneath the rolling wheels of a train.
(Dreams and Missions)
Although Brenna explained the mystical nature of her maiden halter to Mariel, the Tamarian woman is skeptical of its qualities. “Just try to take if off me,” Brenna suggested. Mariel is astonished to learn that, no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get so much as a fingernail beneath the fabric.
(The Long Journey)
Brenna feels emotionally torn the first time Garrick admitted that he loved her. While she’d already known this was true, she worried because he was not a believer, and the way she responded nearly drove him away for good. (The Edge of Justice.)
Garrick introduces Sergeant Ria to the skeptical members of Third Platoon. She’s a fitness buff, has an excellent mind for soldierly relations, and she’s also old enough to be her commanding officer’s mother . . . . (Dreams and Missions)
Brenna flees from an Azgar Deathwolf. She can run swiftly for a long time, but she’s not fast enough to escape . . . .
(The Edge of Justice)
The next time Brenna meets a Deathwolf, she has her blade ready. (Ceremonies and Celebrations)
Garrick and Brenna find a moment of respite in Luanca. (No, I haven’t posted this one publicly until now.)
(Blood on the Warpath)
Brenna leads Third Platoon’s assault on La Casa del Matados. (Crisis)
Terrified that she’d healed Astrid from certain death with a prayer and kissed fingers, Algernon flees from Brenna. “Get away from me!” he cried. “I’m not holy!”
(The Long Journey)
Algernon and Bronwyn enjoy each other’s company on their honeymoon.
Despite being very careful to avoid touching in public, the kindness between Garrick and Brenna betrayed them. (The Long Journey)
After awakening from a nightmare, Garrick arose to wash his face. Brenna, hearing his distress, comes to make sure he’s okay. (Crisis)
Brenna’s introduction to Garrick’s mother, Sylvia, did not go well. No one expected her to behave this way. (This is another image I’ve published here, exclusively, for reasons that should be obvious.)
(Ceremonies and Celebrations)
Sylvia Ravenwood makes it very clear that she will not permit her son to marry a Lithian woman. (Ceremonies and Celebrations)
Having fled into the sea to escape Old Order Kurian patriots, Garrick and Brenna discover they are not alone . . . . (Blood on the Warpath)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this summary of recent renders. I use Poser 12, Photoshop and Luminar 4 to create these. Each image requires several hours of work to complete.



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