Mist and Soil: The Nordan Coastal Colony

The land along Devera’s northwestern coast is a dramatic collection of steep fiords and black sand beaches rising to heavily forested uplands that gradually rise to distant mountain ranges in the east and north....

Sacred Illithia: The People of the Light

The desire to separate from other cultures, races and religions created a conservative mind set among Devera'’s Lithian people. Two groups diverged after the Great Cataclysm. A small and deeply traditional society, who call...

The Republic of Tamaria: Hope and Freedom in the High Land

A traditional, matriarchal society melds with modern ideas of freedom and industry in the small, mountainous nation of Tamaria. In this rugged place, whose terrain is dominated by three high altitude cordilleras, where water...
I feel a restless desire to instigate revolution, a change in the way people think. While I really enjoy storytelling, sparking that sense of self-reflection lies at the core of what motivates me to write. I put words on paper believing that my readers will be different after my work has been read

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