Review of Blood on the Warpath

Robert Luis Rabello’s latest book, Blood on the Warpath, is a roller coaster ride of plot twists and non-stop action. The author’s fertile imagination conjures a foreign world where clothing responds to the will...

Secrets and Whispers ...

Bronwyn faces a terrible choice. With her long-anticipated wedding only days away, she can defy her mother’s counsel and marry Algernon – a young priest with a questionable reputation – or call off...

Culture in the World of Devera

Culture, language and religion all play key roles in human interactions. Writers can create a social milieu that is complex, unique and fascinating, yet many of the greatest science fiction and fantasy writers resort...

Writer’s Digest Review of Ceremonies and Celebrations

Rankings are on a scale of 1 - 5. This is what they had to say: "Structure and Organization: 4 Grammar: 5 Production Quality and Cover Design: 4 (This was the original cover, which I have subsequently...

An Unlikely Friendship, Part One

The way our media usually portrays inter-feminine relationships emphasizes negative behavior that makes me wonder, “Why are these two women tolerating nonsense from one another?” Having grown up as the only boy in a...

Ceremonies and Celebrations Promo

0 This is an update of the promotional video for my fourth novel. Enjoy!

Character Quotations

An audio / visual presentation from the World of Devera:
I feel a restless desire to instigate revolution, a change in the way people think. While I really enjoy storytelling, sparking that sense of self-reflection lies at the core of what motivates me to write. I put words on paper believing that my readers will be different after my work has been read

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