The Long Journey (Book II)

As a violent civil war creeps close to the Tamarian border, Garrick Ravenwood enters an elite officer's training program. Overwhelmed by the tough demands placed upon him, Garrick struggles to find his place...

Sacred Illithia: The People of the Light

The desire to separate from other cultures, races and religions created a conservative mind set among Devera'’s Lithian people. Two groups diverged after the Great Cataclysm. A small and deeply traditional society, who call...

Blood on the Warpath Pre-Release

The eighth novel of the Deveran Conflict Series is now completed and edited. E-book conversion is the next step, but before the novel is formally released, I am offering the e-book version to you...

El Reino del Kameron: Breadbasket to a World

Tradition drives the engine of prosperity in Devera’s ancient agricultural heartland. Deep, healthy soil, ground from the highlands over glaciated millennia and lavishly deposited over vast plains whose heights seldom rise more than a...

The Long Journey

My second novel is the longest and best-selling in the Deveran Conflict Series. This epic story begins with Garrick and Brenna, as they head to Marvic, Tamaria's capital city, where he is scheduled to...

Mist and Soil: The Nordan Coastal Colony

The land along Devera’s northwestern coast is a dramatic collection of steep fiords and black sand beaches rising to heavily forested uplands that gradually rise to distant mountain ranges in the east and north....

The Inquest (Book VI)

Haunted by distressing memories of his recent combat tour, Lieutenant Garrick Ravenwood returns home to his beloved wife and family. Against the backdrop of a Senate Inquest probing the...

Ceremonies and Celebrations (Book IV)

In the aftermath of the Kamerese Civil War, Cassie Velez and her affianced boyfriend, Jared Hohner, live as uneasy guests of King Alejo at his palace in Kameron City. Food shortages and a...

The Edge of Justice (Book I)

Dathan Herulus, a conscientious officer serving in the Azgaril's Northern Liberation Army, believes that his nation is emancipating barbaric races from their ignorance and superstitions. But as the Northern Liberation Campaign grinds northward, he...

The Republic of Tamaria: Hope and Freedom in the High Land

A traditional, matriarchal society melds with modern ideas of freedom and industry in the small, mountainous nation of Tamaria. In this rugged place, whose terrain is dominated by three high altitude cordilleras, where water...
Robert Luis Rabello
I feel a restless desire to instigate revolution, a change in the way people think. While I really enjoy storytelling, sparking that sense of self-reflection lies at the core of what motivates me to write. I put words on paper believing that my readers will be different after my work has been read

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