Faith and Reason

One of the major themes explored in the Deveran Conflict Series is focused on differences in spiritual perspectives. None of the major characters shares precisely the same set of values, and for that reason,...

The Essence of Feminine Friendship

Common interests form the foundation for close relationships. Charisma and beauty may initiate attraction, even in the platonic sense, yet without shared experience, two people have little to build upon. It should be self-evident...

Ceremonies and Celebrations Promo

0 This is an update of the promotional video for my fourth novel. Enjoy!

Animation is Hard

Animation is Hard When I first began using 3D tools to illustrate my stories, one of the ideas I had at the time was that I could create animated scenes from my books with total...

An Unlikely Friendship, Part One

The way our media usually portrays inter-feminine relationships emphasizes negative behavior that makes me wonder, “Why are these two women tolerating nonsense from one another?” Having grown up as the only boy in a...

Recent Renderings

A wise person once told me, "Don't depend on public forums. Your website is the only place where you have total control."This has been proven true again. Instagram, which has been a frustration for...

I Hate Instagram

 With over a billion people using Instagram on a daily basis, it’s easy for writers to think that building an audience on the platform will be a straightforward process. Yet, promoting creative content on...

Culture in the World of Devera

Culture, language and religion all play key roles in human interactions. Writers can create a social milieu that is complex, unique and fascinating, yet many of the greatest science fiction and fantasy writers resort...

The Trouble with Jhiran

She is, by far, the most difficult character to write. Jhiran Vell is a gwynling, an endangered, feral humanoid species whose fragile communities live in the canopy of redwood forests. A widow, roughly 40...

Why Art?

A friend of mine recently asked, "If you had to choose between your writing and your art, which would you prefer to do?" Questions like that inspire a bemused wrinkling of the brow. Why would...
I feel a restless desire to instigate revolution, a change in the way people think. While I really enjoy storytelling, sparking that sense of self-reflection lies at the core of what motivates me to write. I put words on paper believing that my readers will be different after my work has been read

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