Blood on the Warpath

My latest writing project has been slow to develop. This is mostly because I’ve been spending more time on marketing than writing, and there are only so many hours during the week that I can devote to crafting a new novel.

At this point, while I know how the story will end, getting there is very much a work in progress. While I’ve written three chapters featuring Algernon and Bronwyn, I suspect I’ll structure the story in a Part One form, with Garrick and Brenna, then a Part Two with Algernon and Bronwyn.

The slideshow below features some of the imagery that I’ve already created for the book. I have no solid ideas about a cover yet, so NOW is the time to offer your suggestions.


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  • […] It’s been a busy summer thus far, and while there are many demands on my attention, I’ve had more time for writing than I can recall in a long time. At present, I’ve completed six chapters in “Blood on the Warpath” and I’ve started the seventh. I intend for this novel to wrap up at around 100 000 words, which means I have four chapters to complete. That’s unlikely to happen in the next five weeks, and once school starts all bets for writing are off.In the meantime, I thought I’d upload some of the imagery I’ve been working on lately. And if you’ve not seen my promo video, have a look here:! […]

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