A Kamerese Warrior 


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Quinn for M4 Figure by  Laura Haskell

Background rendered in Vue
 Robert Luis Rabello


Name: Woodwind (Pedro Valencia)

Birthplace: Alriaemiran, Illithia (to slave parents from Kameron)

Height: 1.87 meters (6 feet, 2 inches)

Weight: 97 kg (216 pounds)

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

National Origin: Kamerese

Position in family: Only child

Handedness: Right exclusively

Talents: Plays the flute, expert horseman, highly skilled swordsman


An oft' repeated tale concerning Woodwind's childhood centers around the legend that one day he picked up an old flute and taught himself how to operate it by blowing breathy, discordant notes for hours on end.  The boy played his instrument so incessantly, everyone took to calling him "Woodwind" and no one remembers his real name! (That's not exactly true. It's more accurate to say that everyone calls him Woodwind instead of Pedro.)

An active child, Woodwind loved being outdoors and showed signs of exceptional fighting talent.  Growing up in a wealthy household as the son of two servants, many relatives thought that indentured servitude would prevent any opportunity to expand on his obvious gifts.  However, as the wars with the Azgar and conflicts with Kamerese drug lords dragged on, Illithia's military fortunes faded and as the situation for their armies became increasingly desperate, Woodwind's master fell in combat near a place called Terelith, and the young boy never saw his parents again. Lynden Velez found the orphaned child on the battlefield, adopted and trained him like a son. Eventually the young man showed such loyalty and combat skill, Lynden promoted him to serve as captain of his personal guard shortly after the Velez family moved to Shirak.

Slavery among the Lithians does not imply absolute ownership, but rather, the rights to paid labor.  These rights are typically indentured by formal contract for a period of seven years and are only renewed by mutual agreement.  Lynden paid for Woodwind's education and treated him with kindness.  Woodwind, who had never known a different lifestyle, expressed reluctance to leave Lynden's service and vowed to remain a member of the Velez household for life.  Time and circumstances, however, would dictate a very different path.

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