Kira Ravenwood          

Miss Charisma 

Kira Ravenwood

Poser Pro 2012 Image

Custom DAZ V4 figure by Laura Haskell
Pallene Hair with ToXic texture
Dragon Dojo background
Dynamic Lace Blouse by HMann


Name: Kira Ravenwood

Birthplace: Deception Creek, District of Southeastern Broken Wing Lake, Republic of Tamaria

Height: 167.6 cm (5 feet, 6 inches)

Weight: 54 kg (119 pounds)

Hair color: Platinum Blonde

Eye color: Grey

National Origin: Tamarian

Position in family: Third child, eldest daughter

Handedness: Left exclusively

Talents: Singing, sewing and weaving, skilled martial artist and an excellent gardener


Kira grew up sheltered beneath the strong shadows of her two older brothers.  While she genuinely admired them, Kira secretly felt that her own talents and intellect did not compare favorably to her siblings' skill in the social, physical and academic realms.  Though Kira benefited from the blatant favoritism of her mother in early childhood, she struggled to develop her own identity, and among neighbors or at school, she was always thought of and referred to as "Garrick's little sister," or "Algernon's twin."  In that environment, Kira felt that she didn't exist as an independent soul.

Because she wanted to please her twin brother, Kira conspired with Algernon to destroy their father's ethanol still.  Garrick feared that their father would kill the twins in a drunken rage, and smuggled them away for their safety.  In Marvic, separated from the protection of her brothers, Kira found herself isolated and vulnerable to the sexual predation of older priestesses.  She spiraled into depression and soon began believing that she deserved to be dominated by more powerful people.  Yet something strong within her character developed resentment toward the ongoing exploitation, motivating Kira to work very hard to keep up with high-achieving Algernon in study and martial skill development.  She hoped that by doing so, she could escape the humiliation she'd long experienced.

As her anger and frustration festered, Kira sought freedom from the rigid structure of life in the Temple.  She threw herself headlong into immorality, disregarding the priestly codes of conduct as a means of outlining the hypocrisy of respected individuals in the Temple community.  Yet as she constructed a reputation based on flaunting her sexuality, Kira inspired the wrath of the Supreme Council and like her brother, became increasingly subjected to its discipline.

One day, while conducting a tour of the Temple's elaborate garden complex, Kira met a handsome Kamerese student named Marco.  He promised her freedom from the oppressive lifestyle of a Temple acolyte.  Marco promised to deliver Kira from the control of older priestesses who'd abused her.  He promised to give her all of the fine and beautiful things her heart desired, and she believed him.

But Marco turned out to be a liar . . .

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