Jhiran Vell         

A Gwynling 

Jhiran Vell

Poser Pro 2014 Image

DAZ Victoria 4 with Elite Petite morphs

Kay Skin Texture by LadyRhi, Marforno and Danie

  Ranger Hair by 3D Universe

 Background image created and rendered in Vue


 Robert Luis Rabello


Name: Jhiran Vell

Birthplace: Arboles de Catedral, Kameron

Height: 124 cm (4 feet, 1 inch)

Weight: 14.5 kg (32 pounds)

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Brown

Ethnic Origin: Gwynling

Position in family: unknown

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Talents: Reading minds, picking locks, can project thoughts into the mind of another living creature


Very little of Jhiran's life is well known or understood.  Gwynling are a reclusive people who dwell in old growth forests.  Their villages climb high among massive trees, often hundreds of feet into the canopy.  Because of their cultural isolation, gywnling have not attracted much attention from anthropologists, and Jhiran, in particular, recalls her life in disconnected vignettes associated with strong emotion, yet lacking in continuity.  In addition, she lives an itinerant existence, wandering from place to place in Kameron and Southern Tamaria, associating with sympathetic humans for a short time before vanishing into the vast background of a sparsely populated region.  She will return to spend time with trusted people, but rarely for more than a week or two.

Though Jhiran raised daughters and a son to adulthood, a peculiar feature of gwynling society made her an outcast from her village.  One winter, her husband contracted a fever and died.  Gwynling women enjoy few rights, and widows are viewed as an unwelcome burden in a fragile social environment.  Because no family members were willing to take her in, Jhiran lived alone on the fringes of her community.  When giants attacked and burned her village, she suffered a head injury during her escape.

Dr. Kerry Halvord, the man who knows her best, suspects that brain damage is responsible for her difficulty with language output, yet the root of her impulsive behavior cannot be identified with any certainty.  Jhiran relies on charisma, thieving and fighting skills to survive. Her full history remains an enigma, even to the people who love her.

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