Jawara, son of Penda         

Brenna's Friend and Algernon's Protector in Kameron 

Jawara, son of Penda, Third Wife of his Beloved Father

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Custom M4 Figure by Robert Luis Rabello

Skin texture by  LKiilerich
Abelscinnian shirt and pants by Mapps
V4 Boy Hair by 3Dream
Book prop by Chevy

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Robert Luis Rabello


Name: Jawara

Birthplace: T'larennia, Illithia

Height: 1.93 meters (6 feet, 4 inches)

Weight: 107.5 kg (237 pounds)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

National Origin: Abelscinnian

Position in family: Youngest child, youngest son

Handedness: Right exclusively

Talents: Enjoys creating pottery, skilled marksman


As the youngest of Tegene's ten children, Jawara's older siblings often chide him for being favored.  Though he does not agree with this belief, Jawara prefers harmony to conflict and remains good-natured about the teasing.  Because his family was already well-established, respected and wealthy during the foundational years of his childhood in Illithia, Jawara never developed a sense of Abelscinnian identity and prefers to speak either in Lithian, or Tamarian, which was his maternal grandfather's native language.

Jawara learned that Abelscinnia stifled under the oppressive, secular influence of the Azgaril. The Empire of the Azgaril reached further and further eastward, until--during his father's childhood--the land of the Abelscinnians became a frontier protectorate, and its people lost their independence.  A few years after Jawara completed his seminary training in Shirak, he married a willowy Abelscinnian refugee named Niobe. Shortly afterward, his mother, Penda, left to care for her father in Tamaria, and a few weeks later, the Azgaril began their final push into Lithian territory.  Older warriors in Jawara's family allied with their long-term friend, Lynden Velez, to resist the invaders, but even their modern rifles and numbers could not blunt the overwhelming forces arrayed against them.  Jawara lost Niobe when they became separated during the invasion.  No one knows what happened to the woman, but Jawara holds out hope that his beloved survived, somehow.

After the fall of Shirak, Tegene--Jawara's father--moved his family over the mountains into Northern Kameron and settled on the Velez estate.  Tegene convinced Lynden Velez to modernize his force and Jawara, the most talented marksman in Tegene's family, trained every Lithian warrior in Lynden's army on the proper use of their newly designed, automatic rifles.

Jawara's skill as a shooter would later prove invaluable, when he accompanied Algernon and Astrid into war-torn Northern Kameron.

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