Garrick Ravenwood

A Tamarian Soldier

Garrick Ravenwood

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Name: Garrick Ravenwood

Birthplace: Deception Creek, District of Southeastern Broken Wing Lake, Republic of Tamaria

Height: 178 cm (5 feet, 10 inches)

Weight: 75.7 kg (167 pounds)

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Grey

National Origin: Tamarian

Position in family: First child, first son

Handedness: Left exclusively

Talents: Writing poetry, plays the trumpet, enjoys working with trees


Garrick remembers a time when his parents were happy.  Sylvia Ravenwood used her inheritance to buy an isolated tract of land, high in the foothills overlooking Broken Wing Lake. She and her husband Cyrus, who'd been the regional swimming champion and object of every local girl's personal fantasy, planted an apple orchard on that land, dreaming of financial success and raising a family.

At first, this place seemed like an idyllic setting. Sylvia's property, located on an all-weather road, also had decent pasture for horses. The cascading waters of Deception Creek flowed through the acreage, providing a water source for irrigation and abundant hydroelectric power. No other family in the area had electricity.

Something changed between Cyrus and Sylvia just before Garrick's younger siblings were born, and suddenly, a very unhealthy family dynamic  developed.  Garrick cringed while his parents fought. He watched his father's work ethic decline as the demand for high quality fruit rose in response to changing market conditions.  Cyrus Ravenwood's apples, grown at relatively high altitude and in marginal soil, did not fare as well when customers began demanding large, sweet fruit free from transport damage.  Family income declined, and with it, all hope of financial success and happiness drained away.

Alcoholism, violence, sexual abuse and neglect prevailed in the Ravenwood family.  Garrick spent a great deal of energy protecting his twin siblings from parental wrath and building an elaborate network of lies to conceal the truth of his family's disintegration from friends, neighbors and relatives, all to no avail. Neighbors refused to let their children play with the Ravenwoods, and even extended family began to shun them.

Garrick dropped out of school to work in his father's orchard, hoping that his contribution would help restore hope and establish prosperity.  As all domestic tranquility vanished and parental abuse escalated, Garrick took the brunt of his drunken father's wrath and, fearing for the welfare of his younger siblings, moved them far away.  Knowing that his father needed help with the orchard, Garrick returned home. When Cyrus learned what his eldest son had done, he nearly beat Garrick to death with a piece of hickory firewood. In response, Sylvia sent the boy to her brother's ranch on the Saradon, warning him to never return home. 

After recovering from his injuries, retaining a slightly misshapen nose from the beating ordeal, Garrick settled into a routine of hard work caring for horses. Uncle Werner treated Garrick with kindness until cousin Gudrun took an interest in him. When she became pregnant and told her father that the child belonged to Garrick, Uncle Werner sent his troubled nephew off to join the Tamarian army.  That fateful decision changed Garrick's life forever.

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