An Acolyte Priestess 

Bronwyn Traugott

Poser Pro Image

Custom V4 Figure by Robert Luis Rabello

Morganthe skin by Laura Haskell
Lin Hair
Algernon's House
created by
 Dave Swan
Background created in Vue
 Robert Luis Rabello


Name: Bronwyn Traugott

Birthplace: Feral Springs, District of the Northwestern Venom River Valley, Republic of Tamaria

Height: 170 cm (5 feet, 10 inches)

Weight: 82 kg (175 pounds)

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

National Origin: Tamarian

Position in family: Youngest child, firstborn daughter

Handedness: Right exclusively

Talents: Cooking, household management, dancing


Feral Springs, a settlement in the northwestern reaches of the Blood River Valley, grew out of its wild, frontier ethos two generations before Bronwyn was born.  The town had gentrified, and the polite respectability of its inhabitants had a profound influence on Bronwyn when she was a young girl.  Manners matter to her, she detests conflict with people and would far prefer to forgive and get along than hold grudges. Because her character is so service-oriented, membership in the priesthood has always fascinated her.  She simply can't imagine doing anything else with her life.

Just prior to becoming a young woman, Bronwyn pestered her parents about going on a pilgrimage to the Temple Elsbireth in Marvic.  When the family arrived, she felt so comfortable there, Bronwyn begged her parents to leave her behind.  Pursuaded by Priestess Alba that Bronwyn would make an excellent candidate, the girl's parents agreed.

She thought she'd be happy at the Temple, but things didn't turn out so well for her there.

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