Brenna Velez          

A Most Extraordinary Heroine 

Brenna Velez

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Name: Brenna Lynn Velez

Birthplace:Halinnea Lirannia, Illithia

Height: 160 cm (5 feet, 3 inches)

Weight: 52 kg (115 pounds)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue

National Origin: Lithian

Position in family: First child, first daughter

Handedness: Right exclusively

Talents: Plays keyboard instruments with great skill, has perfect pitch, can heal wounds with a kiss


Brenna grew up during troubled times for the Lithian nation.  Rumors of strife, coupled with nearly constant warfare seeded a tragic theme into her existence at a young age.  Many of her relatives departed to defend their nation and never returned.  She worried constantly about her warlord father's welfare whenever he engaged the Azgaril, or Kamerese bandits and drug lords in combat.  In addition, the tension in her culture concerning corruption in the religious realm troubled Brenna's whole family.  Like her parents, Brenna developed a devout practice of personal faith, nurtured by direct revelation through prayer and meditation, independent of priestly religious teaching.

As a young girl, Brenna liked to spend time alone in the scrub forest near her grandparents' estate.  By reading thick nature books, exploring the hill country and carefully observing the interplay of living things, she developed an extensive knowledge of flora and fauna that enabled her to survive alone in wild places for long periods of time.  Her father's maternal aunt, Shevonne Rhiannon, was a Relict. Members of this sorority of widows always dressed in black and devoted themselves to justice and retribution. Shevonne taught Brenna learn how to use a bow and a sword, which the girl did with great flourish, showing the same knack for combat arts that her father demonstrated on the battlefield.  Though Brenna never displayed an interest in athletics--she preferred music, and competed in piano festivals from a young age--the physical dexterity and stamina inherited from her mother strengthened these martial abilities.

During her teens, Brenna's family moved to Shirak.  She found work accompanying a prestigious boys chorus until she entered womanhood, then earned her living as a music teacher. Disliking the noise and activity of the city, Brenna habitually disappeared for days on end, wandering through the countryside in solitude, discovering secret places and seldom-trodden paths that would serve her well when she fled from Azgar invaders later on.  While this behavior often created tension with her parents, Brenna's resolute independence could not be restrained, and eventually, she departed on these excursions with prayers and blessings from her family members.

This personal drive to establish a unique identity often led to strong disagreements with the people she loved.  Brenna preferred harmonious relations, but if she could not find common ground through dialogue, she would simply withdraw.  Thus, it was not a surprise to anyone with knowledge of her character to learn that she'd abandoned her family and sought her own escape following the invasion of Shirak.

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