A Tamarian Priestess 


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Custom V4 figure by Robert Luis Rabello

Kay skin texture by LadyRhi, Marforno and Danie

Aria Dynamic Tunic by Tipol Designs

Kiri-Te Hair by FK Designs

BRC Serenity Background by Redhouse Studios


Name: Astrid

Birthplace: Forbidden Valley, District of Northern Fallen Moon Lake, Republic of Tamaria

Height: 175 cm (5 feet, 9 inches)

Weight: 49 kg (108 pounds)

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Green

National Origin: Tamarian

Position in family: Unknown

Handedness: Right exclusively

Talents: Photographic memory, talented artist


The Sacred Temple Elsbireth in Marvic has been Astrid's home for as long as she can remember.  Its quiet halls, meditative gardens and well-structured worship liturgy has always filled her soul with a sense of belonging and purpose.  Much of her childhood experience in the Temple passed uneventfully, but as she moved into womanhood, Astrid's uncanny ability to draw developed into a highly refined skill.  She sketched portraits of her fellow acolyte priestesses, many of them from memory, and kept a very personal portfolio of art hidden in her tiny room.

 Priestess Alba discovered the secret sketchbook during an impromptu inspection of Astrid's quarters.  Rather than receiving a reprimand by the Supreme Council, which had long been standing policy in such matters, Astrid endured many months of blackmail.  Priestess Alba used the sketchbook to force Astrid into a sexual relationship, and soon thereafter, Astrid endured the advances of  two other acolyte priestesses who oversaw the girls' cloister.

 Initially, Astrid believed she'd been alone in attracting this amorous attention.  As she grew older, earning greater responsibility and power within the Temple community, Astrid discovered--to her horror--that Priestess Alba maintained a harem, of which she was merely a member.  Worse yet, any girl who fell into Alba's disfavor would be systematically pawned off to a few male priests, and summarily dismissed from the Sacred Enclosure for immorality if she became pregnant.  Astrid stole into Priestess Alba's room, retrieved her sketchbook and burned it to destroy any evidence of personal indiscretion.  Then, she confronted the older priestess and warned her to leave the younger girls alone.

 When Kira Ravenwood blossomed into a young woman, Astrid fell desperately  in love with her.  As Kira attracted Priestess Alba's attention, Astrid defended and protected Kira with a fiery devotion. Eventually the Supreme Council formally investigated the ongoing sexual abuse, resulting in Priestess Alba and four male priests leaving the Temple Elsbireth in disgrace.  The older women involved in the scandal, two of whom had earned full honor as temple priestesses, managed to retain their positions through intimidation of witnesses, and skillful manipulation of their allies on the Supreme Council.

By virtue of admitting to a lesbian relationship with Kira and openly discussing her membership in Alba's harem, Astrid removed herself from eligibility to serve on the Supreme Council.  She never concerned herself with the political ramifications of her actions, believing that protecting the younger acolyte priestesses from the predatory advances of the older women merited favor in the mind of the Great God.  In addition, Astrid saved Kira from falling victim to ongoing sexual abuse.

But she couldn't save Kira from herself . . .

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