Algernon Ravenwood          

A Tamarian Monk 

Algernon Ravenwood

Poser Pro 2012 Image

DAZ M4 with age and body morphs
Custom skin texture by Laura Haskell
Algernon's House by Dave Swan
Background rendered in Vue
Robert Luis Rabello


Name:Algernon Ravenwood

Birthplace: Deception Creek, District of Southeastern Broken Wing Lake, Republic of Tamaria

Height: 172.2 cm (5 feet, 8 inches)

Weight: 67 kg (148 pounds)

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Grey

National Origin: Tamarian

Position in family: Second child, second son

Handedness: Prefers left

Talents: Able to detect lies, a highly-skilled and dangerous martial artist, an excellent swimmer


Though he brims with potential, Algernon's leadership capabilities are often short-circuited by his quick temper and intolerance for any action that falls short of perfection.  As a young boy, these traits prevented him from developing friendships outside of his family, and as a result, Algernon spent most of his early youth in the company of his twin sister, Kira, and his older brother, Garrick.  Although he enjoys solitude and expresses exasperation with people beyond his immediate family, Algernon most often turns the focus of his critical energies upon himself.  This tendency made him moody and difficult to understand.  Despite his intensity, Algernon remained close and devoted to his siblings.

Aside from the adoration of his brother and sister, constant parental criticism and the emotional and physical abuse of the Ravenwood household left Algernon feeling unloved. Much of his desire for perfection is rooted in a psychological need to do everything so well that his performance will rise above any criticism.  He longs to receive acceptance and physical affection, particularly from young women who capture his imagination.  However, the ideal of attaining this much needed devotion often falls short of the reality.  As a result, Algernon feels a smouldering frustration that affirms his inner fear that he cannot be loved for the man he is.

After Garrick smuggled his siblings to the Sacred Temple Elsbireth in Marvic, Algernon and Kira were permanently separated.  While Algernon thrived on the intense physical and academic training, as he and his twin sister moved into their teen years, their relationship strained considerably.  Algernon also chafed under the authority of the Elsbireth priesthood and continually subjected himself to the increasingly rigorous discipline of the Supreme Council, until Kira's disappearance set his life on a very different path.

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